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Empowerment Journey

High-intensive personal development program for your employees

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Workshop - Training - Speech

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1:1 Coaching

Empower Yourself - Gain control over your life again

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Empowerment Journey

The Empowerment Journey is a high-intensive personal development program for your employees

Benefits for your company

Using modern coaching techniques and bringing in vital stimulus at the right time your employee will learn


  • to live up to his or her fullest potential without risking to run into a burnout
  • to live values like Ownership and Responsibility
  • to stay highly motivated and to think solution-oriented


The duration of six months is vital in order to gain sustainability.

Want to learn more about it? Feel free to contact me.



Workshop Empowerment

An alternative Workshop for people who have enough of conventional personality development.

By using provocative and interactive tools participants learns about their values, Life purpose and strengths. The participant enjoys the humorous development of self-awareness and more self-confidence. A concrete commitment resulting from the workshop will help the participant to pursue his or her Life purpose.


Stress&Time-Management Workshop & Training

For victims of their own E-Mail inbox and strong believers of multitasking.

This workshop perfetlcy connects modern theoretical and practical elements of stressmanagement. I am going to change your perception on how to deal with the information-overload you are facing daily. I am going to show you why most time-management tools are actually making your life more stressful. But no worries, I am also going to reveal the "secret" on what really helps. Bring your schedule and To-Do lists as we will set the first steps towards a less busy life. 

Suitable as well for Teams who want to re-arrange their monthly tasks



You can book me for speeches around


  Stress&Time Management


1:1 Coaching

All of us experience at some point in their lives a status of dissatisfaction. Whether it is a career change, a busy lifestyle, a challenging relationship or just a general feeling of sadness that is bothering you. We then feel heavy, easy things are hard to do, you lose track on what's important and what's not.

But together we can change this. I am supporting you on the way out of this downward spiral. Together we will co-create a structure to prevent you from getting there again. You will return to playfulness and easiness in your life.  


Single Session á 60 minutes: 80 EUR

3 Sessions (you choose how & when to use it): 240 EUR

6 Sessions (you choose how & when to use it): 408 EUR

 (15-20 minutes sample session: free of charge)

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Hi, I am Kathi!

The Pessimist complains about the wind.
The Optimist expects it to change.
The Realist adjusts the sails.


As Empowerment Coach and Realist ;) I am supporting you to adjust your sails. Together we will steer towards your dreams and goals.

Too often we become victims of our own circumstances. Like the pessimist, we let ourselves control by others. And we hope like the optimist, that our circumstances at work, our supervisors, colleagues or even friends and family will change. The only one who has the power to change anything is you. So take over the steering wheel of your own life. 

Bring me on board with you and I will help you to identify your potential. Let us work on your own goals and dreams. Let us a define a structure that will support you to live a self-determined life - professionally and privately. Together we will explore your inner captain and we will sail with humor and realism towards more easiness.

My Story

My own story shows how fast it actually happens to lose control of your path. I have been addicted to the „Faster-Better-More game" for about 1 or 2 years. I let control my life from external circumstances or people. But coaching helped me to change my life and is still helping me to re-direct my path when I am about to lose my direction.

Before I decided to become a coach I was working for 6 years for an international consumer goods company. I therefore know exactly about the challenges you are facing in today's Business world. But I also know that it is possible to have a so called „Work-Life Balance“, even  in very challenging positions.

My education

The quality of my education is very important to me. Today I am proud to call myself Co-Active® Coach. The Co-Active Training Institut (https://coactive.com/about/) is ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited and thus has one of the highest standards you can find in a coaching education. What I like about Co-Active is their modern and realistic approach. It is based on 4 main cornerstoners. My favorit one states:

"People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole"

It means that people that people don’t need to be fixed. Despite media, friends and family or supervisors makes us feel as if we are missing certain qualities, Co-Active® beliefs that you are whole the way you. Co-Active® Coaching aims to trigger all your resources. It makes you step out of your comfort zone and thus empowers your life. However, my caoching is not solely based on Co-Active. Whenever I think another method would be more appropriate I am making use of it.

Are you curious now? Contact me. No strings attached. :)



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Empowerment Coaching Katharina Siebauer

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68723 Schwetzingen

email: mail@katharinasiebauer.com

Phone: 0049 (0) 176 8228 3994

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